Ubiquitous Views

10:00am-6:00pm, July 30 — September 11, 2016/ admission free

Since it opened its doors in 2001, the Aomori Contemporary Art Centre (ACAC) has focused on its Artist in Residence (AIR) program. Along the way, there have been many contemporary
artists whose interest in regional characteristics leads them to conduct research and even produce artwork rooted in the area during their residence. Rather than merely showing an interest in the peculiar characteristics of the region, artists often delve deeper to try to discover the universal values behind them and better understand regional backgrounds and histories.

In this year’s Summer AIR, we invite CHIBA Naoko, KAMIMURA Yoichi and Jörg OBERGFELL to produce artwork that, while based on regional characteristics, possesses a universal outlook. Artists will produce and exhibit their artwork and simultaneously conduct research on regional resources.




Born in Chiba Prefecture in 1982. 2010 MA, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo, Japan. Kamimura is interested in the variation in perceptions to scenery. He produces two-dimensional and installation pieces using musical notation, music from other composers, and field recordings.

[Solo Exhibitions]
2015 "grandmother, prologue", Space Wunderkammer, Tokyo, Japan.
2011 "CRITERIUM 82", Art Toer Mito, Ibaraki, Japan.

[Selected Group Exhibitions]
2014 "Identity X--fusion of memory, memory for the future", nichido contemporary art, Tokyo, Japan.
2012 "TRANS ARTS TOKYO", Old Tokyo Denki University, Tokyol Japan.
2012 "Koshiki Art Project", Koshiki Island, Kagoshima, Japan.
2011 "G-Tokyo 2011!", Mori Arts Center, Tokyo, Japan.
2011 "Power of a Painting", 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan.


[reference artworks]

night-passage1-snight passage, sound installation, 2011. (Mito Art Tower)

all over yuma-sgrandmother, prologue, sound installation, 2015.





Born in Iwate Prefecture in 1972. 1997 MA in Painting and Art Education, Graduate School of Education, Iwate University After learning to paint at university, Chiba taught herself the cyanotype process, one of the first technologies to create photographic images. Her technique involved printing cyanotypes onto handmade Japanese paper. Chiba has made it her life’s work to photograph her family home in Iwate as part of her work Father’s House. She prints cyanotypes to which faint memories cling, inspired by her research and fieldwork into local histories and cultures.
In addition to her cyanotypes, she has also exhibited sculpture and video pieces, all of which express the cultures and feelings of the people of Tohoku.

[Selected Solo Exhibitions]
2013 "N.E.blood 21 Vol.46 Chiba Naoko Solo Exhibition", Rias Ark Museum of Art, Miyagi, Japan.
2011 "Chiba Naoko Photograph Exhibition", Tsuruoka Art Forum, Yamagata, Japan.

[Selected Group Exhibitions]
2015 "Sprit of North -- vol. 5", Kitakata city minami-machi kurayashiki, Fukushima, Japan.
2015 "Sprit of North -- vol. 4", Steps Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.
2015 "Hokuhoku TOHOKU: Connecting with Art Sprouting by the Dialogue", Hajimari Art Center, Fukushima, Japan.
2011 "Eclats de Photographie", Association Louis Daguerre, Musee Gatien-Bonnet, France.
2011 ""Born in 1970's and '80's: Ten Artists from Iwate", Iwate Museum of Art, Iwate, Japan.
2007 "MOT Annual 2007 -- From a World as Large as Life--", Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan.
2006 "VOCA 2006 -- The Vision of Contemporary Art", The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo, Japan.

[Reference artworks]

01sThe stone said, cyanotype on Kurotani paper, 55.5cm×55.5cm, 2011.
©CHIBA Naoko

03s"Mrs. Yorozu, in 1915, at Tsuchizawa" from the series of The beginning of a new primitive era -- A Homage to Yorozu Tetsugoro--, pinhole photographs, inkjet print, 2014.
©CHIBA Naoko



Born in St.Georgen, Schwarzwald, Germany, in 1976.2007 MFA Goldsmiths College, London, UK.
Using constructions that symbolize city politics and/or discarded articles reflective of city life, Jörg OBERGFELL exposes a kind of social structure in his work. At the same time, wrapping them up in “cuteness” related to humor, cynicism, secrecy and trifles, he makes his work, in its overall image, gently involve criticism that faces the power controlling society. His style of intentionally expressing such modesty is also seen in his approach to deal with space in his work.

[Selected solo exhibitions]
2016 "out on a limb, gradus & Jörg Oberfell", Cologne, Germany.
2013 "Towers and Trees", galleryem, Seoul, South Korea.
2011 "Tout est construit", CEAAC, Strasbourg, France.
2010 "Second nature", Gallery Muro, Genève, Switzerland.
2010 Kunsthalle, Mainz, Germany.

[Selected group exhibitions]
2016 "Denn sie wissen was sie tun", NKV Aschaffenburg, Germany.
2016 "The Pierot Studio", Display Gallery, London, UK.
2015 "The Office" (Art Pop for Pop Montreal), Montreal, Canada.
2014 "Robo con Fractura", Local, Santiago de Chile, Chile.
2014 "The Ringenberg Biennale", Ringenberg, Germany.
2014 "The Pierot Project", Generation & Display, London, UK.
2014 "Hagulane", Lovis Kabinett, Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany.

[Reference artworks]
Jorg 5 (800x600)
photo: YAMAMOTO Tadasu

still02 (640x360)


Organized by Aomori Contemporary Art Centre [ACAC], Aomori Public University.
Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal 2016.
In cooperation with Aomori City, Aomori City Board of Education, Derik-Baegert-Gesellschaft e.V. Schloss Ringenberg, Nanbu Sakiori Conservation Club, Hotel Yamagami, AIRS, Aomori Public University Art Club.