Vision of Aomori vol.9
MURAKAMI Asako Exhibition | The Power Contained Within

Ninth in our exhibition series which focuses on artists who have their roots in Aomori, this time we introduce Tsugaru Sakiori artist MURAKAMI Asako. Tsugaru Sakuri, a traditional craft of Aomori, was originally used to make work clothing. MURAKAMI interprets clothing to be a shell which covers the body; the body is “contained” within the shell. She uses “containing” as a keyword in her various pieces, which are not limited to clothing. In this exhibition, we will present some of her newest works, which utilize cloth dyed with plants collected in the forest around the ACAC.


Exhibition view






photo: NISHIKAWA Koji

Feb 10 (Sun)-Mar 17 (Sun). 2013

MURAKAMI Asako work photo:NISHIKAWA Kaji