Aomori City Archives Exhibition “The construction of history is dedicated to the memories of the unnamed”

One day, the museum was gone.

Inside memories of the unnamed had been kept.

This did not please those with names.

“The future must not refer to the past,” they said.

“History is ours for the making,” they said.

The memories of the unnamed were cast out and rejected.

I promise to rebuild the banished museum of the unnamed.

Fujii Hikaru, Guset Director

In this exhibition, the Aomori Contemporary Art Centre displays a variety of artworks and records that reveal the 100-year history of Japan’s modernization alongside films that tell of Aomori’s past, former cityscapes caught on 8mm film by those who have lived here. The exhibition is composed of five stages designed to resemble movie sets that are scattered with media telling these histories.

Guest Director: FUJII Hikaru (Artist, Filmmaker)

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Organized by: Aomori Contemporary Art Centre [ACAC], Aomori Public University

[staff credit]
Guest Director: FUJII Hikaru (Artist, filmmaker)
8mm Film Digital Archive: AHA![Archive for Human Activities] (MATSUMOTO Atsushi [remo], OGASAWAWA Haruka, NARITA Miwa)
Technical Support: SHII Kei, TOBISHIMA Kakeru, GUNJI Hiroki
Art Direction & Design: KAWAMURA Tadao
Photo documentation: OYAMADA Kuniya
Curator: HATTORI Hiroyuki

February, 7 (sat) - March 15 (sun), 2015, 10:00~18:00
Gallery A