Preparation for the Exhibition


We are installing for the exhibition “OH Haji x Aomori City Archives ‘Gestures in Clothing’ ” now. The Aomori Contemporary Art Centre (ACAC) will exhibit traditional Kogin-zashi and Hishi-zashi works made primarily of hemp fabric, which give us a glimpse into the histories of the individuals who owned and wore them: work clothing, undergarments, and mosquito nets among other commonplace objects. OH Haji’s past works and newest photography will also be on display.

It seems like a big installation work by Haji’s work and traditional craft.

This is a mosquito net from Aomori City Archives. Haji inspired from its historical trail and found the concept for the exhibition.

The shapes which emerge from frayed and worn-out fabric. There you can find the memories and evidence of their former owners–in the gestures of these vestures.