As a new art environment to lead the times, the Aomori Contemporary Art Centre (ACAC) at Aomori Public College aims not only to provide opportunities to appreciate various art productions, but also to create a new art culture unique to Aomori City while promoting diverse communication between artists, students, and Aomori citizens. Moreover, the ACAC is an invaluable facility for Aomori Public College as a university research institution which gives back to the region through its practical research, striving towards true research as one of its intrinsic purposes.

In our city’s abundant natural environment, numerous projects are developed here as a beachhead for the production and dissemination of excellent international and regional art culture. The ACAC’s main projects offer multifaceted art experiences which include display exhibitions centered around our Artist-in-residence, which invites artists both domestic and abroad; seminars and symposiums put on by artists themselves or other specialists; and workshops where one can experience firsthand the creative activities going on at ACAC.

The ACAC’s architectural design is the work of internationally acclaimed architect ANDO Tadao. Careful to exploit the surrounding natural environment without upsetting the undulating topography, the ACAC’s architecture was themed around “unseen architecture”, effectively burying buildings in the woods. The ACAC is made up of three main halls: the linear Creative Hall and Residential Hall, which were both designed with the image of bridges hugging the side of a valley, and the horseshoe-shaped Exhibition Hall, which is equipped with a gallery and circular rooftop stage. These unique architectural spaces stir up new creativity in the artists who stay here, and we aim for the ACAC to be a place for stimulating and new art experiences for all who visit.

Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, Aomori Public College