Workshop with Tsukuda and Shinoda Elementary School


In recent few days, autumnal weather with blue sky continues comfortably.

This week, 2nd graduate students from Tsukuda and Shinoda Elementary School came to our workshop program.
They took a leaf in the forest and made little birds by rubbing crayons.
At each elementary school, they could make lots of interesting birds.

They walked around nature that can not be experienced around their schools, and search outdoor sculptures as stamp rally in the afternoon.
They had a good time all a day.




Students of Tsukuda Elementary School





Students of Shinoda Elementary School



Sahil NAIK Artist Talk ‘’Sites of Encounter“


In 11th August, We held the Artist Talk by Sahil Naik participant artist in AIR-Summer.

IMG_0813 (2)

At first, he talked about influence by festivals and buildings in Goa to him in his childhood. The Style of buildings are mixed Indian and Portuguese.

Then he talked about from his previous works to latest work in ACAC. “Ground Zero / Artist as the Suspectwas made from his experience that were suspected as a terrorist. Outside of the work that made resembled his studio looks like very secure, but inside of it looks like some incident happened there. In same time he was creating “Lazarus”. At a glance, it looks like very secure greenhouse, but inside we can see lead apple trees and moving strange soil. Those works imply that secure places is not stable, and doubt our bias of believe as it secure.


Moreover, he showed 2 works with elaborated expression. “Lazaretto” was made by his experience to live in slum. And, “Portraits of Home and Exit wounds” was inspired with abandoned houses in Goa. In those works, he said he concerned with people’s estimation from buildings.


His latest work in ACAC made by his interest. It mention architectures tell us about history in modern as witness. It seems expanding of his interest from person and community to history and society. Through his talk, we could see his intention of creation, and potentiality.




An artist TSUJI Kei came to ACAC to shoot the video work of her open air sculpture which was reproducted in the last year.

The children joined the shooting at the first half, and the students of Tohoku university of arts and design joined at the other half.








Gabriella MANGANO & Silvana MANGANO Talk Event


On August 4, we held a talk event by Gabriella Mangano & Silvano Mangano, one of the artists in the summer AIR being held.
In this program, They researched a Japanese word “Ao” ( it means “Blue” in Japanese) which is from the name of place “Aomori”. Based on the poem in the feminist literary magazine related to the feminism movement named “Seitoh” ( It is Japanese translating “Blue stocking” ) issued during the Meiji era, they created video installation and a sculpture.

In this talk event, they talked how they have created the works so far,
including past video works etc.




Their parents are Italians and grew up in an environment familiar with music from a young age. The artwork of the record jacket and old black and white movie influenced their subsequent creation. What they paid most attention to was the gesture rather than the contents that the actors were talking about.
At the early time, each of them was making drawings, but after that, they began
to create video works shooting the performance.
In the same way to capture the instantaneous motion with the camera, they
captured the body of the person who performs in the space as a line.


Then the subjects they express changed into society and politics.
They produced performance that incorporates the gesture of the people who come in the mass media and the images in the net, and try to “translate” the events occurring in society with the movement of the human body.
they have a role of recording the moment of history and society.




Lastly, they explained the work of this program.
Poetry incorporated in the work has translations of several languages, they tried to make their own “translation”. Movement tracing the body seen in the video represents a woman’s presence. In the movement touching the earth, she talked about what she is in that space, representing the depiction of the mountain eruption in a passage of poetry.


Next event is on 11 th this weekend. The talk event is by Sahil Naik who is also an artist of this program. It will be an opportunity
to know more about his works!


AIR in Summer Opening Artist Talk


On July 28, the exhibition of artists in Residence in summer began and an opening talk was held.

It is an exhibition titled “Dynamic Garden in Full Motion”  that you can see a number of expressions that shake your way of thinking about the existing ‘framework’ around us, such as how to understand things, architecture, words and social movements.


Sahil NAIK


Gabriella MANGANO & Silvana MANGANO

SUZUKI Motomasa
This exhibition is until September 9th.
As Related event, we have 2 artist-talk events.
● August 4, by Gabriella Mangano & Silvana Mangano
● August 11, by Sahir Naik

Both are from 14: 30-16: 00, at AV room in the exhibition hall.

It will be good opportunity to listen to about their past and this exhibition’s work.
Please do not miss it!


Molding is in process


Sahil NAIK produces sculptures. He made the model by silicon and mold cement into them.

IMG_0417 IMG_0420 IMG_0405 IMG_0408 IMG_0412