Here we showcase various expressions of art and materials linked to Aomori, past and present.

vision of Aomori vol.15 FUKUDA Sayaka Multiplying Fragments

April 29 (sat) - June 18 (sun), 2017, 10:00-18:00

Vision of Aomori vol.14
The View from Your World and My World

April 16 (Sat.)~July 3 (Sun.)10:00-18:00 

TOKOLO Asao × Aomori City Archives Exhibition “Individual and Group”

February 6 (sat) - March 13 (sun), 2016, 10:00~18:00

Vision of Aomori vol.13
DEMACHI Hayato|Seeds and Leaves

February 6 (sat)- March 13 (sun), 2015, 10:00~18:00