AIR2011 Re-Modernologio
pahse2: Observation and Notation

Artists : TOMII Motohiro, ASAKAI Yoko, NIWA Yoshinori, PÁL Péter


pahse1: Contemplating Society through daily lives

pahse2: Observation and Notation

pahse3: Traces of Scenery

3 volume set


17  Plates
37  “Architectural methodology of multifaceted world” (HATTORI Hiroyuki/ Curator of Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, Aomori Public College)
39  TOMII Motohiro “Found Composition - Sculpting Based on Instantaneous Observation” (HATTORI Hiroyuki)
42  ASAKAI Yoko “Whereabouts of time and story” (KONDO Yuki)
45  NIWA Yoshinori “Body Plunging - Comical Behaviors to Puncture Society” (HATTORI Hiroyuki)
48  PÁL Péter “Intervention in Nature: Pal Peter’s pursuit of his perspective” (KONDO Yuki)
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