Lively in-between

October 26 – December 8

Human beings have created everything in a space where there is nothing yet. As if filling the boring space that they have found, they build a town in the field, which expands to a city, and in a developed society, even the gap in time is filled in so that it seems to have flourished. Now people are fed up with their amplified noisiness.

People, on the other hand, have found values in an empty space. They feel comfortable in the margin of pictures and characters, feel the intonation of music by the interval of the sound, and comprehend the depth of literature by reading between the lines. In this way, we are provided with a skill to receive liveliness through our imagination and creativity from the gap that seems to be empty.

Artists: UTAMURA Hanae、SATO Koichi、Elmo Dylan Kehinde Vermijs、Mira Rizki Kurnia