TADA Tomomitsu Solo Exhibition Do these soulless, vacant puppets feel any disgrace or shame living in a world where they blindly accept information from corrupt, hollow shells of humans and, without even thinking for themselves, naively cause each other pain…☆ 卍

10:00am-6:00pm, April 28 — June 17, 2018/ admission free


TADA Tomomitsu works in diverse mixed media, though his practice is rooted in drawing. Using oil colors, acrylic, pigments, ballpoint pen, colored pencils, pastels, and sprays, he creates images with many faces, from his delicate over-layering of lines and colors to bold, striking lines. Tada also incorporates language into his works. The shapes of his letters and the meanings behind the words repeatedly overlap and create distance, eventually leading the viewer to an image beyond shape and meaning. These works possess a tranquility that can lie beyond chaos and contradiction.


The title of this exhibition shows us the universality inherent in everything of this world while it also simultaneously seems to question how we humans should exist as people. In recent years, Tada has often presented paintings drawn on large panels, but in this exhibition he creates installation works that utilize the ACAC Gallery. In his works dwell both serenity and strength, leads his viewers to the edge of a world where anything is possible—and if they want to, lets them peer inside its abyss.


TADA Tomomitsu

1979 Borin in Hiroshima, Japan

2005 M.A., Nagoya Zokei University of Art & Design

2005-2007 CCA Kitakyushu Research Program

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2015 “I can draw”, ARATANIURANO, Tokyo, Japan

2011 “The moon light is strong”, project room SASAO, Akita, Japan

2010 “I, become a leopard at the end of autumn.”, Midori Art Center, Aomori, Japan

2010 “We love secret base!!! And marriages are made in heaven?”, Baikado, Osaka, Japan

2009 “THE KING IS HERE”, ZENSHI, Tokyo, Japan

2008 “Simple is hard”, Babel, Trondheim, Norway

2008 “Light is getting weak”, ZENSHI, Tokyo, Japan

2006 “I know why a bird in a cage sings”, ZENSHI, Tokyo, Japan

 Selected Group Exhibitions

2016 “Aichi Triennale 2016 Rainbow Caravan” Nagoya City Art Museum, Aichi, Japan

2015 “gallery in gallery series #01 ARATANIURANO”konya-gallery, Fukuoka, Japan

2014 “Summer and Painters”, ARATANIURANO, Tokyo, Japan

2014 “VOCA 2014 The Vision of Contemporary Art”, The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo, Japan

2012 “Spring”, Baikado, Osaka, Japan

2012 “ASAI Yusuke×TADA Tomomitsu: Good Night for the World, Good Morning for Drawing”, Midori Art Center (MAC), Aomori, Japan

2011 “Homage TAKAKURA Ken”, Operation Table, Fukuoka, Japan

2011 “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, Hiromi Yoshii Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan

The Good Are Not Creative, 2013, Oil, pigment, and acrylic on panel、200×360cm, photo:UENO Norihiro

Installation view in “We love secret base!!! And marriages are made in heaven?”, Baikado, 2010

Music, 2016, 240×360cm

Asylum (Dolphin House), 2014, 180×180 cm, Courtesy of URANO

Organized by Aomori Contemporary Art Centre [ACAC], Aomori Public University.
In Cooperation with URANO, AIRS