Exchange ―Planting the seed

October 26 – December 15, 2013 10:00-18:00/admission free

The Aomori Contemporary Art Centre (ACAC) has decided the theme for the 2013 Artist in Residence program: "Exchange―Planting the seed." The 'Artist-in-Residence' (AIR) program expects artists to have firsthand experiences that would otherwise be impossible during short stays such as sightseeing and exhibitions. The experiences had by living and working at the ACAC for a designated period of time are meant to contribute to the development and deepening of AIR artists' projects. Conversely, AIR is also expected to be a means of contact with novel experiences and new ways of thinking through the artists and their work. Much more than personal interaction and cultural exchange, this means contact with something deeper, which is why we expect that seeds of coming creations will be planted in each other to bud and bloom somewhere, someday. These could be called chance encounters filled with opportunity to reconsider and relativize each other's values and what is taken to be common sense. The premise of AIR is based on interaction but extends beyond it; it develops around the theme of creative exchange by thinking again about what we can do through recognition and what lies beyond the interactions we have.



Portrait (533x640)

1976       born in St.Georgen, Schwarzwald, Germany.
2000-2006  Academy of Fine Arts, Nuremberg, Germany.
2006-2007  Master of Fine Arts, Goldsmiths College, London, UK.

Selected solo exhibitions
2011 "Tout est construit", CEAAC, Strasbourg, France.
2010 "Second nature", Gallery Muro, Genève, Switzerland.
2010  Kunsthalle, Mainz, Germany.
2009 "Vollversammlung", Wewerka Pavillon 2, Münster, Germany.
2009 "Tower blocks and tunnels", Bearspace, London, UK.

Selected group exhibitions
2013 "Preview", Incheon Art Platform, Incheon, Korea.
2012 "Containing the possible", Pippy Houldsworth Gallery, London, UK.
2011 "Burgers Simultanhalle", Simultanhalle, Köln, Germany.
2010 "New German ART", German Embassy, London, UK.
2009 "On concrete", Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo, Japan.
2008 "me, myself and city", The National Art Studio Changdong, Seoul.
2007 "Allotment", sevenseven contemporary art, London, UK.
2003 "9. Triennale der Kleinplastik", Fellbach, Germany.



KONG SERIES, 2008 - 2010


hisakado_portrait_02 (640x480)

1981 Born in 1981, Kyoto, Japan.
2005 Kyoto City University of Arts, B.A. Fine Art Sculpture
2005 Royal College of Art, Sculpture department, Exchange program
2007 Kyoto City University of Arts, M.A. Fine Art Sculpture

Selected Exhibitions
2013 "SHISEIDO artegg 'TSUYOSHI HISAKADO'", SHISEIDO gallery, Tokyo, Japan. (Solo)
2013 "what(n)ever", coop-KITAKAGAYA, adanda-OSAKA, Japan.
2012 "Rokko Meets Art 2012", Mount Rokko National Park, Hyogo, Japan.
2012 "AME To Quantize", Antenna Media, Kyoto, Japan.
2011 "Exhibition as Media 'SHINCHIKA SHINKAICHI'", Kobe Art Village Center, Kobe, Japan.
2005 "Kyoto City University of Arts, Degree Show", Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, Kyoto, Japan.
2006 "via", gallery sowaka, Kyoto, Japan.
2005 "Kyoto City University of Arts, Degree Show", Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, Kyoto, Japan.
2004 "Kobe Art Annual 'TONARINOMADO'", Kobe Art Village Center, Kobe, Japan.

Collaboration Work
2002-  Formed SHINCHIKA.

Go Back to the Future, 2013

Saturday, Work. Sunday, Picnic, 2013 photo: KORODA Takeru


ami yamasaki (341x640)

1977 Born in Ehime, Japan.
1999 Graduated from Ehime University.

Selected solo exhibitions
2013 "a day, unsung"(The Quiet Addition to The Sonic City and BLINDSIDE Sound Series), BLINDSIDE, Melbourne, Australia.
2012 "[DUO_coffee shop] with Theo", Roji to Hito, Tokyo, Japan.
2011 "voices –feather composition-", Proteus Gowanus and Reanimation Library, NYC, U.S.
2009 "wind place", GENDAI HEIGHTS Gallery Den, Tokyo, Japan.
2008 "HIKARI -the light-", temporary alternative space, Tokyo, Japan.
2006 "windows of my heart", INAX Gallery , Ishikawa, Japan.

Selected performances and performance /installation
2013 "Violence and Form Parade in Me", CIQ plaza, Kanagawa, Japan.
2012 Trans Art Tokyo presents "Burning Shadow of a Man, Kanda Community Art Centre Organizing Committee, Tokyo, Japan.
2012 "yes, me", YES Theater and refugee camps, Palestine.
2012 "before and behind", Unnamable Works #2, RAFT, Tokyo. (solo)
2011 "ENERGY", CRS and Proteus Gowanus, NYC,U.S. (solo)
2011 "Love Letter", CRS, NYC,U.S. (solo)
2010 "LETTERS", w. Makoto Matsushima, Theatre ZERO, Seoul, Korea.
2010 "Spring Storm", w. Keiji Haino, Lady Jane, Tokyo, Japan.
2010 "bone and pages", Lady Jane, Tokyo, Japan. (solo)
2009 "IRIS", GENDAI HEIGHTS Gallery Den, Tokyo, Japan. (solo)
2007 "crossing vision", Italian Cultural Institute, Tokyo, Japan.

hikari, 2008 photo: SUZAKI Takayoshi

Knitting Orchestra, 2008



1984 Born in Weimar, Germany.
2011 Magister Artium in Japanese studies, comparative literature and journalism at the University of Leipzig, Germany.

Selected Exhibitions
2013 "to. be", Gallery Giomisti Kefali, Sifnos, Greece.
2013 "Through the Looking Glass", Art Space Tetra, Fukuoka, Japan. (solo)
2012 "International Contemporary Art Exhibition 2012", Art Gallery Le Logge, Assisi, Italy.
2012 "Platform Project" (Performance with Movement & Sound Improvisation), Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin, Germany.
2010 "Kofu Art Festival 2010", Yamanashi, Japan.
2010 "Begehungen Chemnitz No.7", Chemnitz, Germany.

körperkosmos (berlin buddies), 2012/2013.

[ʤɨtaʧɔ’ɾɔɸiː] , 2013.

Organized by Aomori Contemporary Art Centre (ACAC), Aomori Public University
Sponsored by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan, in Fiscal Year 2013