Storyteller – Units of Recognition

November 3 (Sat) ~ December 16 (Sun), 2012 10:00 - 18:00 / Free

The Aomori Contemporary Art Centre has made its 2012 Autumn theme for the Artist in Residence that of "Storyteller". Not all artists' pieces and activities may tell a specific story, but they do analogically pose background contexts and meanings depending on their art. Moreover, their art as a medium, artists convey a some kind of message while sharing and communicating space, time, and even physical sensations with their audience. In this sense, artists may be storytellers regarding modern society and the world.

In this exhibition's pieces, smaller "units" of each artist's piece are repeated to show certain disparities, minimalist shapes, or behaviors and cycles, as if these units are themselves recognition of the world.

A piece as a whole tells some kind of "story", but the very concept of units of repetition and accumulation or that of units being scraped away gives the piece meaning and background. Just as we perceive a story's subtleties through the narrator's voice and body language, so we can also enjoy the exuberant "stories" of each piece both through its smaller units and as a whole.


Lotte Lyon


Born 1970 in Austria. Using familiar, commonplace materials, LYON produces installation pieces through sculpture, photography, and drawings. While referencing minimalist art, she finds inspiration in experiences and objects of everyday life. In recent years, she has produced wall paintings with colors and patterns which have a poignant notion of the characteristics of their display space.

"P.S.1" (USA/2008); 5th Beijing International Art Biennale (China/2012), etc. An exhibition featuring works associated with the ACAC is to be held in November 24 - December 24 at AOYAMA|MEGURO Gallery.

Souterrain, 2012

Wall painting, 2012

Yu Cheng-Ta


Born 1983 in Taiwan. Rethinking the distance and relationships between the self and others, between a certain subject and others, YU creates works which turn our attention to the subtle interstices and disconnects behind culture, language, and identity.

"Media in Asia Art Festival," The Pavillon Blanc (France/2012); Taipei Biennale (Taiwan/2010); The 53rd Venice Biennale Taiwan Pavilion (Italy/2009), etc.


Keywords about Living Room, 2012

Exploding Taiwan, 2011



Born 1973 in Tokyo. Produces machine-embroidered works and video installations. He plans to reference traditional patterns such as kogin-zashi to produce machine-embroidered works. He seeks to examine tradition and modernity and technology in the social environment.

"The Man-Machine (Reprise)", MIZUMA ART GALLERY (Tokyo/2012); "Meguro Address: Artists Living in the City", Meguro Museum of Art (Tokyo/2012); "Roppongi Crossing 2010 Exhibit: Is Art Possible?", Mori Art Museum (Tokyo/2010); "Twist and Shout: Contemporary Art from Japan", Bangkok Art & Culture Centre (Thailand/2009).


Death Song, embroidery on polyester, 2012
Roses 4/6, embroidery on polyester, 2011.

KITAGAWA Takayoshi

kitagawa_kao(photo_ECHIGOYA Izuru)

Born 1974 in Osaka. KITAGAWA constructs his pieces by arranging the surrounding structures and environment; furthermore, by boring holes into them, he lets light and water pass through to create cycles and link spaces. In recent years, he has produced hierarchical and hypothetical stage-like works as floor landscapes.

"Floor Landscape: Opening, Connecting, Closing" (Solo Exhibition), ASAHI ART SQUARE (Tokyo/2012); "Rokko meets art" (Hyogo/2010); "Aichi  Triennial" (Aichi/2010); "10th Anniversary of Sendai Mediatheque" (Miyagi/2010), etc.


Floor Landspace, 2012. (Asahi Art Square)

The light of Cho-ja-machi—Akarino Lounge, 2010. (Aichi Triennale)


Organized by Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, Aomori Public College

Supported by Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan, in Fiscal Year, 2012.

In Cooperation with; Meguro Museum of Art, Kawaguchi Picture Framing, HIGURE 17-15 cas, AOYAMA|MEGURO Gallery, MIZUMA ART GALLERY, Hotel Yamagami, Aomori Museum of Art, Aomori Prefectural Agency of Education Section of Cultural Property Conservation, AIRS, ACAC Student Supporters, Aomori Public College Art Club