ASAI Yusuke Artist in Residence Project
“Countless Stories, Living Boldly Repeat”

April 28 (Sat) ~ June 24 (Sun), 2012 10:00 - 18:00 / Free

At Aomori Public College's Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, projects in the 2012 year will revolve around the keyword of "narrative".
To begin, we will hold the artist-in-residency project exhibit of ASAI Yusuke, an artist who draws and paints pictures in all kinds of places using materials that would never be thought to be used as art supplies: soil stone, water, root, branch, tape, flour, and the dust accumulated in a station.
ASAI says, "The materials and places I draw are all different and varied, but I draw with the feeling of adding shape and color to that certain place, to its 'here' and 'now'. I will continue to draw on walls, on paper, on the ground, and on the ceiling."
This time, ASAI Yusuke stayed in Aomori from early April for about one month, concentrating on his Earth Paintings, which he created from soil gathered from around Aomori prefecture--from the Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, Asamushi Onsen, the Natsudomari peninsula, and otherwise; this exhibit will show his Earth Painting along with his "MaskingPlant", drawn with masking tape sprawled freely and plant-like across space, and "Sprouted Plants" , pieces created by burning road surface markings onto the ground, among other pieces. This exhibit gives a general overview of ASAI's activities, a culmination of the techniques he has created up until now through almost all new works.
Gallery A, the main venue, will function as ASAI's studio during the exhibition. Don't just appreciate his work, but also experience the site where the work is drawn as if visiting the artist's studio.


ASAI Yusuke


Born in Tokyo in 1981. Painter. He uses common materials around us such as tape, pen, dirt, dust, leaves, and road surface marking "white line" material, among others; from his drawings on myriad surfaces, like those on the wrapper of a sugar cube or a paper napkin, to his series of massive wall paintings and geoglyphs which use mud or white line, he is an artist who instinctively produces images without restraint in all kinds of places.

2012 "Countless Stories, Living Boldly, Repeat", Aomori Contempoary Art Centre (ACAC) Aomori
2011 "pagi-sore", ARATANIURANO, Tokyo
2011 "BankART Life 3 Shin Minatomura - UNDER35 GALLERY", Shinko Pier, Yokohama
2011 "Nekko no Kakurenbo @ Musashino Place", Musashino Place, Tokyo
2011 "Kusanomi", Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo
2010 "Botanical Feast", ARATANIURANO, Tokyo
2010 "Shopping", Mitsubishi Jisho ARTIUM, Fukuoka

Organized by Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, Aomori Public College
In cooperation with: the Aomori City Board of Education, ARATANIURANO,
Utou Shrine, Sososha, Festival city AUGA, Wall Art Project,
ACAC students’ supporters, AIRS
Supported by: Kamoi Kakoshi co., Ltd.