YAMAMOTO Tadasu―Falling Water

April 24 ~ June 13, 2010

YAMAMOTO Tadasu is a photographic artist in Japan. He has been choosing water, sea, falls and dam as his photographic objects. He gives an objective, conceptual picture of its subject. On this exhibition, we exhibit his “Falling Water” series which photographed falls. With taking a water landscape, he tries to sublimate it into the universal existence.



■ Selected Exhibitions
1989  "Trend of Contemporary Photography", Kawasaki City Museum, Kanagawa, Japan.
1991  "Photographic Narration II", Gallery of Tokyo National University of arts and Music, Japan.
1994  "Photography and Beyond in Japan-- Space, Time and Memory", Hara Museum, Tokyo (traveled to 6 venues including Los Angeles County Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, etc.)
2001  "In Search of Form", Pusan Metropolitan Art Museum, Korea.
2001  "The Past and Present of Photography", National Museum of Modern of Art, Tokyo/ National Museum of Modern Art Kyoto, Japan.
2002  “Slating House/ Statements by the Artist in Japan since 9.11”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Japan.
2004  “Falling Water”(Solo), IBM-Kawasaki City Gallery, Kanagawa, Japan.
2005  "Over the Nature" Himeji City Museum of Art/Hyogo, Japan.
2007  “Attitude 2007”, Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto (CAMK), Kumamoto, Japan.

Public Collections
Hara Museum of Art, Tokyo.
National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo.
Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris.
National Gallery of Australia.
Museum of Contemporary Art, Kumamoto.
Hara Museum.
Takamatsu City Art Museum.

Organized by Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, Aomori Public University.

Supported by The Asahi Shinbun Foundation.

In cooperation with GALLERY HASHIMOTO