Overseas dispatchingーKAMATA’s report from Brazil (1)


I’m KAMATA Yusuke, for ACAC’s project of overseas dispatching, staying in atelier Fidalga which is the residence space in Brazil, Sao Paulo. I’ll report from here Brazil over the next few times.

In the first time, I will report the residence institute and Sao Paulo city.

Atelier Fidalga is a residence institute organized by Sandra CINTO and Albano AFONSO. They have participated in ACAC’s program, they talk cheerfuly that not only its geographical location, but a climate, people, location and size of institute, etc. Fidalga and ACAC is totally symmetrical. Of course it’s in a good meaning. Though it was quiet in the night in ACAC, here inBrazil, every day the drums of the samba are ringing all night. Their personality is great, I’m really indebted to them for living and the research here.

In this institute, there are some artists from Sao Paulo.