LEE Yen-Hua Lecture


LEE Yen-Hua’s lecture was held in the last day of the exhibition “kaetemiru – Time For A Change.”

img_1152 img_1149

She started to talk about one family.
They are mother, fother and 8 children, And every summer they stayed liverside in 1 week with their children’s friend.
Lee was surprised about their volunteer to take care of many children, then started to think about what is memory or what is sharing the memory.

Home as a place of peace/ people go back, or How the people’s memory are documented/ gathered.
They are the theme of the Lee’s art work, and this story of the family seems represent her theme of artwors.
She also talked about the person who established the residency in Connecticut state, or the mmemory of her childhood during her lecture.
The audience listened between her personal story and the presentation of the artwork, and this experience was feeled like appriciated Lee’s another artwork.