September 10th Kids Workshop


Kids workshop “Let’s make simple handmade camera” was held in 10th September.

Making the camera which has simple system from milk pack after CHIBA Naoko’s photo work which are shown in the exhibition “Ubiquitous Views”.

First, talk about the mechanism or history of camera, then start work.

img_0515s img_0514s


img_0533s img_0512s img_0517s img_0524s

Use the black paper to shut down the light from outside. This is same as CHIBA Naoko’s pinhole camera.

What is the difference is, use the lens instead of pinhole, and make the screen for watching by our eyes instead of photographic paper for printing.

You can’t watch the images if you use pinhole, but you can watch it clearly if you use the lens.


Then, decorate the outside and make their original camera.

img_0543s img_0546s img_0553s


img_0548s img_0549s img_0554s

How can you watch?

img_0538s img_0550s img_0556s

They could watch green world when they put the green cellophane sheet.

And the images become upside down on this camera.

img_0559s img_0558s

Finally, the participants go out and watch the landscape around ACAC.