Hiraku Suzuki “Live drawing & Talk”


Hiraku Suzuki performed the live drawing at the Open theatre on May 3, 2015.

A 35m white paper was placed on the centre path of the exhibition hall.

Suzuki had Started doing the live drawing without any announcement. First, he threw small stones into the pond to resolve the reflected landscape and saw the transformation in silence.

Then, he threw the stones on the path and stated drawing on the paper. His drawing was done very quickly as if playing a improvisational music. It was very impressive that he had drawn using whole his body.

The drawing was completed in 15 minutes.

After the 20 minutes break, we moved to lounge and Suzuki gave an artist talk. He introduced a diagram he made. In the diagram, he put the drawing at the center and connect many keywords related to his production. The diagram was very interesting. And audience must understood well his way of thinking and why he has been exploring the “drawing.” It’s quit meaningful and nice talk.
Thank you for all the audience and Hiraku Suzuki!

Please come to see the exhibition. It’s open until May 17, 2015.