“Storyteller – Units of Recognition” opening day


The Exhibition “Storyteller – Units of Recognition” opened 3rd November.

We held gallery tour by artists as opening event.

One art work is exhibited in front of lounge.
The colour changes in the day time and night time because of the light.

The works at gallery B also changes with light and without light.

YU Cheng-ta
The movie which he sang 5 Japanese famous songs in Japanese at 5 sightseeing spot of Aomori.

KITAGAWA Takaoyoshi
There are layers of floors, and floors have holes, plants, waters, etc.

Lotte LYON
She exhibits wall painting, sculptures, photos.
They are simple, but we feel kind of strangeness from her works.

After gallery tour, Coffee break by AIRS which is ACAC’s volunteer organization, then, live performance by Aoyama and HIRAISHI Hirokazu who is an musician is held at gallery B.
You can see the movie at gallery B now.

HIRAISHI Hirokazu is playing.

Also, there are small movie exhibition by Aoyama, Kitagawa and Lyon at lounge.

Hope you can enjoy the exhibition and beautiful autumn mountain at ACAC.