February 15th, HIRANO Tomoe with Aomori Jr.



ACAC held the workshop “HIRANO Tomoe with Aomori Jr.” on 15th February.

This is organized by ACAC and an organization ” Output committee” which consists of teachers of special needs school.

“Output committee” organized the exhibitions in 2015 and 2018, and has kept supporting the expression by the people with disabilities.

Hirano Tomoe is an artist while working for the Tofu pudding making factory, and has down’s syndrome.

She produces colorful drawing with the motif of map, and exhibited huge drawing at “Output exhibition” in 2018.

IMG_6877 IMG_6865

This workshop was held with Hirano and the partner facilitator KIDO Hideo who is a teacher at Aomori Daini special needs school.

First, Hirano introduced herself, and show the movie which introduce her life by the interview of her family members and a co-worker.

Her mother and father talked about the time when she was born, and it indicated how she is loved by her family members.



Then, Hirano showed the process of work.IMG_6895IMG_6886


After that, the participants started to work.

They colored the papers which  were photocopied the Hirano’s drawing .

IMG_6921 IMG_6922 IMG_6911 IMG_6919

Finally, Hirano put together the participant’s papers and made big map.

IMG_6929 IMG_6932 IMG_6933



This workshop originally started at “Runbinii art museum” at  Hanamaki city, Iwate prefecture as “Meeting class project”

This project is that people with disabilities are dispatched as a teacher to the junior high school.

The teacher is an artist and the person with disabilities. However, this project aims to understand the person without any boarder by special skill or disabilities.

“Runbinii ar tmuseum” held this project many times (more than 40 times), and “Output committee” plans to do this at Aomori. This is the first step to them.