Workshop by Mira Rizki KURNIA


Before the opening (October 26th) of the upcoming exhibition in autumn titled “Lively In-between”, we had a workshop by Mira Rizki Kurnia (Miki) from Indonesia today, September 28th.

The participants in this workshop titled of “SITUATIONAL Music” watched a footage of musical performance by John Cage before their activity. Through this video, they knew that they can make sound and can compose used by everyday items, then they tried to make two patterns of interesting sounds by them. They tried to change patterns, to make slowly or to read newspaper according to Miki’s direction. Then they play together with some musicians who are Miki’s friends in Indonesia via Line app. They created very interesting improvisation music.

This “SITUATIONAL Music” performance will be held from now on. Please come to join us below,

“SITUATIONAL Music” by Mira Rizki Kurnia Sunday, October 6th from 2.15pm to 2.45pm at the Koryu (Exchange) Hall in Aomori Public University Saturday, December 7th from 2.30pm to 3.00pm at the exhibition hall in ACAC.

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