ARIKAWA Shigeo workshop @ACAC


ARIKAWA’s 3rd workshop was held in ACAC on 3rd November.



The pariticipants are teenager, twenties, thirties, and 3 of them are not students and only 4 members.
The valance of age and the number of the participants might give good effect, their discussion was very active.
They talked the new stories on that time if they changed their thought, and we clearly knew the story was changing on the moment.






Everytime in the workshop, Arikawa said “There is not only one point of view, but also many. Also he hopes to see/ watch the thing with questions.”
If it is by one person, how it appear is changing by the situation or the information which one know.
The participants may knew that the point of view changes, or many people see the things with many thought from these workshops.

Also, one interesting point is, the participants imagination and story is not so different by age. The ability of imagine and linguistic may not so changes from the age of 12~15 years old.