ARIKAWA Shigeo workshop @ Junior High School


ARIKAWA Shigeo visited Aomori Minami Junior Highschool as the 2nd school workshop on 28th October.

He cahged the questions and the introduction from Aomori Higashi Highschool.
First, he showed the video work which is a part of his previous work “The Figure:PARTⅠHANGAN”.


The students said “He looks uncomfortable.” or “looks nervous” about the person who appeared in the work.
The person is the blind, and Arikawas said “if you know this information, your view may be changed, so today I hope you watch the video with many questions.”

Then they watched the vieo without the sound of the person sang.img_0793s

The questions from Arikawa is “Where is this?”, “Who is the person?”
Also he asked “What do you think if you put the sounds on the scene without sound?”
The participants answered “hum”, “the sound of wind”, “the sound of the heart”, “the sound of the everything what he heared”.


Secondly, they watched with the sound.
Then write the key words or sentenses as the memo.


After that, shared what they thought.
The most interesting thing is, many students are forcus on the wind or the sounds of the wind, also half of the students guessed the person has the difficulties for the hearing.
This is affected by the introduction.
One student said one is the blind.

img_0807s img_0810s

Then, watched and discussed again.
This time, some students focused on the side mirror of the car, and this opinion didn’t come up in the previous workshop.

At last, wrote the stories.

img_0834s img_0818s img_0819s img_0821s img_0823s img_0827s img_0831s


img_0844s img_0848s

At the previous workshop, we prepared the repot paper but this time we didn’t because report paper affect the students to create the “novel taste”, and it didn’t our aim.
In the high school, many students narrate about the person’s family, but this time, the students focused on the wind, windmill, wind power generation more.
From this difference, we could find the introduction or questions are affect a lot even though we thought they are very small differences.