[AIR2013/ Exchange]Linda HAVENSTEIN workshop


Linda HAVENSTEIN’s workshop “statements” was held on 30th November.


Linda prepared the papers which were written ” I am__________”

The participants thought about some words or sentences for putting on the underline.

There are 2 rules for the words and sentences.

1, write 15 words and sentences when you introduce or explain yourself for the others.

2, write 15 words what your mother think about you.

Both sentences has “I” as the subject.

pattern1 is what you think about yourself, and pattern2 is someone who are very close to you.


Then they choosed 10 sentences which you can not say to the other people normaly.


In the afternoon, they speak 10 sentences in front of the camera.

First, they speak their sentences.


Next, they change the paper with other participants, and speak the others sentences.

And this time, the subject of the sentences are “I”.

We could see their face changed a bit.

They were speaking the other’s word but some of them sounded like their word.

Finaly, mix everyone’s words, and picked up 10 words, and  spoke again.


The activity was just simple such as making the words then speak.

But the repetition of simple activities made them think about themself deeper.