【trans x form】July 19, work in progress


Iwasaki Takahiro has been in Taiwan from July 17 to July 20 to install his work for an art project. Yagi lyota is in kyoto until July 21 for the lecture in the university. So now only foreign artists are working in ACAC. Ton’s partner Ada had arrived at Aomori from Bangkok 3 days ago. She is assisting Ton’s production.

The person in the middle is Ada.

Manisha is making the set of 5 piece drwaings by making holes. Also she makes the installation with the motif of Fuki leaf what she found around ACAC.

Iwasaki’s wife Shiho and students keep working for Iwasaki’s piece Reflection Model even his absent days. It’s the good team.

We still have 1 week until the exhibition opening.