7/5 Study model of Worapong.


Worapong Manupipapong (Nickname is Ton.) had studied architecture. So his practice is always strongly related to the space. He explores the relation between the space and the behavior of human being. It past 2 weeks after his arriving to Aomori on June 20. Now he is making study model of the outdoor installation.

1/10 study model

section drawing

He tries to produce the place what the audience can not only to see but also to experience from the inside of the work.

By the way, there are so many good exhibitions in Aomori in summer.
“TANESASHI: Remembrance of the Shore,” Aomori Museum of Art (July 6 – September 1)
“flowers,” Towada Art Center (April 27 – September 8)
“trans x form,” Aomori Contemporary Art Centre (ACAC) (July 27 – September 16)

Please come and enjoy comfortable summer in Aomori.