Research on the Aomori Traditional Craft


Ms. Manisha Parekh (from India) and Mr. Worapong Manupipapong (from Thailand) who are participating in our summer AIR program, went to the research on the Aomori traditional craft.

The craft and craftsmanship is famous in both Thailand and India, so they also have much interest in the craft of Aomori.

We went to the Aomori natural indigo dyeing-factory in Hirosaki city and took a trial lesson.

After we heard explanation about Aomori indigo, we dyed a cloth using natural fermented indigo.

Worapong who is architecture draws a plan for making pattern.

It is not a trial lesson, but almost artist’s ‘work’ :P


This is the Worapong’s indigo work.

Also we went to see the Kogin embroidery laboratory, Tsugaru lacquer studio and the exhibition of the young Kogin embroidery craftsman.

Not only the goods of the traditional craft, but also the craftsmanship in Aomori, the meaning of design, and the inheritance of the tradition… the issues of the craft seems  endlessly interesting to them.