AIR exhibition Opening Artists Talk


From  27th, the artist in Residence ‘s exhibition’ (MO)TION ‘started, and the artists talk was held on the first day.

Works of completely different expressive methods were displayed. Thorough the theme of “movement”, they are inspired by such as the natural environment and the space of the architecture during their stay. Everyone who participated was interested in their talk and listened carefully.

YAMASHITA Ayako’s dance was a precious performance for that time only.   Her dance workshop will be continued, so please join us. Also participants can challenge her work to experience the process of dance production.


Jolene MOK

IMG_1985明調整  IMG_1990明調整



MORI Keita

IMG_2009  IMG_2007  Quynh VANTU

As a related event
we have talk series and workshop you can learn more about each artist’s work. ↓ ↓

Please check them!