Sahil NAIK Artist Talk ‘’Sites of Encounter“


In 11th August, We held the Artist Talk by Sahil Naik participant artist in AIR-Summer.

IMG_0813 (2)

At first, he talked about influence by festivals and buildings in Goa to him in his childhood. The Style of buildings are mixed Indian and Portuguese.

Then he talked about from his previous works to latest work in ACAC. “Ground Zero / Artist as the Suspectwas made from his experience that were suspected as a terrorist. Outside of the work that made resembled his studio looks like very secure, but inside of it looks like some incident happened there. In same time he was creating “Lazarus”. At a glance, it looks like very secure greenhouse, but inside we can see lead apple trees and moving strange soil. Those works imply that secure places is not stable, and doubt our bias of believe as it secure.


Moreover, he showed 2 works with elaborated expression. “Lazaretto” was made by his experience to live in slum. And, “Portraits of Home and Exit wounds” was inspired with abandoned houses in Goa. In those works, he said he concerned with people’s estimation from buildings.


His latest work in ACAC made by his interest. It mention architectures tell us about history in modern as witness. It seems expanding of his interest from person and community to history and society. Through his talk, we could see his intention of creation, and potentiality.