Ang Sookoon Talk & Screening “One Caress”


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She introduce herself as Multi-DIS-PLI-NA-RY artist, and said what tied her works is the interest to reconsider our rational world. And she is interested in unstable nature of existence.
For example, the work “PRESENT SENSE” that leads to the “SPECTRE” exhibited at ACAC, by expanding and presenting familiar common things to the panel, adding new appearance, cutting out from the context of things, It brings a new viewpoint to rediscover familiar world.

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In addition, the screened “Exorcize me” was drawing out the adolescent anxiety about your own existence from the appearance of girls who made zombie make-up at school.
What was impressive is the work “Your Love is Like A Chunk of Gold” made by growing quartz on top of the bread. By combining rounded bread with pointed quartz, conflicting impressions were born. It looks like an unknown thing to be treated in geology.
By question from the audience, we also learned that the reason for adding a distinctive title is to keep its meaning bound.
Her works expresse instability of existence by changing our usual perceptions by material, expression method, and title.