Rakhi PESWANI Talk session



Rakhi PESWANI’s talk event held at ACAC on November 12.

First of all, she told about the history of modernization and the current social situation of India which is her home country. While becoming a British colony, accepting new ideas and systems, but there was the influence of the caste system, which is an old class system in India, still remains. This background make her vision. she recalls about some class people during see some materials, she said.


During introduction of her works, we understood her throught that she also create work with thinking the background of India.Also knowing the situation, she deal with various materials. For example, someone who know that situation, meight recall migrant workers by seeing hemp bags.


throught this lecture, we noticed that her works currently exhibited at ACAC is fun by feeling throught our body, also have many complex meaning.

She said she will develop works currently exhibited at ACAC after this, so we can expect to her activities as well.