MOTOYAMA Yukari ‘s Workshop “Watching your drawn line” @ACAC



On November 11, we held the workshop at ACAC. For parents and children in the morning, for everyone in afternoon. After listening to creation about her previous works and techniques, they experienced the method.


In the morning, what is different from other times is that motifs are their faces. First of all, they made croquis in one minute, andpicked the best one, exchanged them, put the acrylic board and traced it carefully looking at the line drawn by the other person. Children were tracing in directions that adults did not expected, or painted whitened parts, scraped them off, and put various patterns on them. Parents also became crazy and tried and errored.


In the afternoon workshop, some people confronted the crayons’ soft lines with time and effort, others stressed the line characteristics emphatically.

It is an interesting point of the method that it is possible to create a variety of expressions depending on the ingenuity even though it is only two colors. They tried to move the board to make a part where the paint dripped, or to wipe it with a cotton swab or a bamboo skewer after drying.


Yukari emphasized that it could be enjoyed by expanding the possibilities of painting depending on the ingenuity even if there are few elements.
I hope participants will be able to remember this method when drawing again