Albano AFONSO ーMobile Workshop


Workshop of Albano AFONSO related to the exhibition ”In a State of Suspension” was held on August 19.
At first, we went out to take materials of mobile -branch, leaves, stones, etc. which has nice shape. They took a walk with Albano in the forest at ACAC.
IMG_6158 P1190729 P1190730

Projected shadow of materials they took outside, then drew the outline of them on the paper using pencil.
They tried to form the shadow of a bird which is used as motive of Albano’s artwork. Depending on distance from shadow, they noticed the size of shadow was changed. Only outline of shadow was projected on the wall, impression of the shape was different by changing the angle.
Not to try to draw the line correctly, they enjoyed quick drawing automatically.IMG_6169    IMG_6174



They cut out shapes, drew with colour pens and pasted another colour paper.

IMG_6181 IMG_6180

Tried to find a fulcrum of brunch by putting it on finger.




They hung parts of mobile.
Albano said that it’s important to observe the change of balance depend on space, size, etc. and try to change them again and again.


IMG_6210 IMG_6204

After that, they projected their mobiles and enjoy the fantastic shadow.



IMG_6222 IMG_6221