FUKUDA Sayaka Workshop “Which side do you see?”


Workshop of Fukuda related to the exhibition Vision of Aomori vol.15 “Multiplying Flagments” was held. Like one of her artworks in this exhibition, we made masks which are with pasted photos.

After lecturing by Fukuda about her artworks in gallery B, participants started taking photos around ACAC.

IMG_2370 (2)IMG_2372 (2)P1060093 (2)

In cloudy weather with occasional rain, they took photos of outdoor sculptures, arcade, forest and pond, etc. Taking photos with thinking what sort of mask do they want to make, they see unusual scenery.

IMG_2376 (2)


This time they pasted photos on a mask shaped fox. After printing on Japanese paper, they tore them by dividing various shapes, size and colors.


P1190255  P1190258

As an adhesive, they used acrylic medium which Fukuda usually use for painting. It made paper harden and also polish. They got used to use a paintbrush.


P1190273 (2) P1190265 P1190254 (2) P1190274

Chatting with Fukuda about how to make her art works, they made their own masks. There are various masks by making expression of fox with mixing colors of scenery, etc.

Although a mask is used for disguise oneself to something others, it showed individual character.

P1190280P1190287 (3)